Custom Winch Co

Custom Winch Co

After spotting a gap in the market and recognising that not everyone is lucky enough to have access to a boat or cable, the guys at Custom Winch Co set about gaining notoriety in wake boarding circles for designing and building fully-custom, portable, urban winch solutions.

Near indestructible machinery, built by riders for riders, that are ready to go anytime and anywhere – just add water. After several years of making some serious waves in the industry they felt it was high time to re-engineer their identity. So MASS set about creating a fitting identity that has the right attitude.

And here is a couple of design solutions from that pitch. (A) Rebrand the product as Cockroach due to its indestructible engineering quality. (B) An identity that has teeth, no literally. Turning the ‘C’ in to a cool winch inspired mark. (C) Go all retro and back to wakeboardings roots with a 70’s inspired water-loving mark. Groovy!

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